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Virtual Procurement Services in the news and hear from our experts.

Thinking Fast & Slow in Purchasing

In this article, our own Tal Kotler evaluates the signficant impact of fast and slow thinking on procurement. Purchasing teams are responsible for making critical decisions related to buying goods

Inking a Better Printer Ink Deal

In this article, the author takes a closer look at what constitutes printer ink, where it’s sourced, how much it actually costs to produce, and the profit margins of the

Medical Middlemen & A Broken Procurement System

Broken system making it harder for hospitals and patients to get some life-saving drugs On “60 Minutes” this week, former heads of a generic drug company and Vizient, a Group

How to Leverage Loss Aversion & Prospect Theory for Pricing Negotiation

In this article, the author explains the psychological phenomenon of “loss aversion” and how it can be applied in pricing strategy.  Raymond Augustin is a recognized thought leader specializing in

The CFO’s need to exert more control on IT procurement

POST UPDATE: As recently validated in the Wall Street Journal article It’s Time to Get Rid of the IT Department, many facets of IT should be revisited including its relationship

The Truth About SaaS Pricing

The current drive to SaaS (Software as a Service), or better known as subscription, and away from typical on-premise solutions is not a totally new phenomenon.  What is new is