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Learn what makes our companies successful and how the process works.

We developed the world's most advanced pricing analytics tool.

The VVI – The Virtual Vendor Index© – is a predictive analytics tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to accurately determine the fully-burdened cost of an item throughout distribution. Within hours of receiving a quote, the VVI© determines if and when there will be savings.

The VVI© calculates fair market pricing based on input from real-time public data points and continually updates its data.

We make it simple to save money and recover spend.

Our companies take all the procurement heavy-lifting off your plate so you can focus on your operation.  

After beginning the relationship with an education session so you understand our process and how to best manage the vendor and procurement process, our companies follow the below simple process for every purchase:

Step 1
Send us your final quote.
Upon receiving your quote, we'll assign it to the appropriate Virtual Procurement company, run it through the VVI©, and perform an internal review.
Step 1
Step 2
Tell us about the purchase.
Have a brief call with the assigned team of experts to review VVI© results and further discuss the details of the purchase.
Step 2
Step 3
Reap the benefits.
Now you have valuable pricing analytics to make your decision. If you move forward, our team of experts will negotiate and finalize your transaction.
Step 3

And our pricing is even simpler.

All of our companies work in a gain-share model meaning they only charge fees when savings or recovery are achieved.  If you elect to not move forward with identified savings or recovery for whatever reason, you are not charged.  But you still get the pricing analytics and peace of mind in your decision.

The educational sessions and advisory services that occur throughout the partnership are also included, so you will never see an additional bill for the valuable insight our experts provide to your organization.