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Fueled by tremendous growth, we now offer savings and recovery across multiple spend categories through three distinct companies.

Each of them offer unique domain expertise and all of them are backed by our award-winning predictive analytics technology and proven processes.

Revolutionizing your procurement process.

Our teams of experts at the Virtual Procurement family of companies achieve savings and recovery through a unique approach of combining the industry’s only pricing predictive analytics tool with proven vendor management processes and deep purchasing experience.

Working within your timelines and product selections, our experts use this methodology to achieve an average of 23% additional savings on your final vendor quote while maintaining, and sometimes improving, your vendor relationships.  And if you’ve overspent on a purchase, we can use that same approach to recover money.

Unlike other organizations that rely on ineffective bulk buying power or dated pricing comparisons, our methods are proven as evidenced by our success in achieving over $825,000,000 in savings & recovery for our 500+ customers.

Why customers choose us

  • Virtual Procurement companies have exclusive access to the only pricing predictive analytics tool, VVI – Virtual Vendor Index©.
  • Our methods rely on real-time data specific to your transactions and never historic or competitive pricing.
  • Our teams of experts have the domain expertise necessary to interpret VVI© results and achieve tangible savings.
  • Our companies are all based on gain-share, so you are charged only for the savings and/or recovery we tangibly achieve.
  • If we don’t achieve savings or you elect not to move forward with the purchase, there is no charge.  
  • Regardless of outcome or decision, you always receive our pricing research and analytics.
  • Other companies save money by swapping your vendors & products or moving to third-parties.  We maintain your selections.
  •  While we may suggest alternatives to improve pricing, the decision is always yours.
  • We understand the importance of maintaining purchasing and project timelines and will work with you to maintain them.
  • Our teams work in full transparency and will let you know levels of savings based on time windows.
  • If your timeline doesn’t meet requirements for savings, we can help you to recover savings upon renewal.
  • In over 10 years of service, we have never interrupted or worsened an existing vendor relationship. 
  • In many cases, vendor relationships improve as you adopt more efficient and effective procurement processes.
  • We kick off every new customer engagement with educational sessions to help in vendor engagement and to educate your entire team on proper vendor management.
  • As our experts work with your teams, they provide knowledge transfer on critical vendor management, procurement, and sales ecosystem processes.
  • Within VPS Analytics, full technology advisory services are included at no charge.  This service provides further efficiencies through technology rationalization, budget reviews, and business process mapping.