Welcome to VPS
Founded in 2009, Virtual Procurement Services (VPS) specializes in renegotiating technology maintenance contracts and agreements for all of your software, hardware and networking gear . While hard to believe, VPS helps customers recover money that they have already spent on servers, storage, networking gear, appliances, infrastructure software, and even certain application software. We also offer unparalleled transactional buying support services for new purchases including -- Cisco, IBM, NetApp, VMware, EMC, HP, Dell, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, etc.
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The Challenge
IT organizations are being asked to do more with less. The funds for new projects are being spent supporting and maintaining prior technology purchases. Today there is no objective way for an IT organization to determine if they have paid too much for prior technology purchases, and there is no way to get back that money when, after the fact, they learn they have overpaid.
The Solution
Virtual Procurement Services (VPS) customers are receiving rebate checks and credits in 2012 for monies they have spent on technology in 2009, 2010, 2011, and even earlier this year. VPS uses proprietary technology and processes to evaluate and renegotiate technology maintenance contracts. VPS is earning back this money for our customers without affecting vendor relationships or service level agreements.