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Recovering money already spent. It is not too good to be true.

Virtual Procurement Services helps customers recover money that they have already spent on servers, storage, networking gear, appliances, infrastructure software,
and even certain application software.


How VPS Helps

Unless you are a client of VPS, organizations are left to measure the costs of technology purchases using the following criteria: discount off of list price, did it meet a budget, what do outside research organizations say about the pricing, and what is the ROI. Unfortunately, as every CFO, CIO, and VP can attest, there are significant holes in these measurements.

VPS brings the understanding of the fully burdened cost and sales process to our clients in a meaningful and measurable manner.  VPS measures a deal to ensure that it has been negotiated for the best available outcome in the market.  If not, our team will help find additional savings, and even recover money that has already been spent. An additional benefit to our clients, the recovery and reduction we are able to accomplish does not affect the relationships or change SLA’s.

Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • Had I not spent 30 minutes with Scott in October of 2013 3 people of my staff would have lost their jobs. He and the VPS teamed helped recover enough money from past purchases to fully fund these positions in 2015
    240 Bed Hospital Client
  • Over the past seven months, VPS has saved us more than $1 million dollars. When we calculate the impact of our improved rates on maintenance for years two and three, the savings attributable to VPS is close to $2 million dollars. It should be noted that these savings are not based on some esoteric or hypothetical formula, but rather the difference between the discounted amounts we had historically obtained or considered to be our vendors’ best and final offers, and the prices that VPS negotiated on our behalf.
    600 Bed Healthcare Client
  • We have paid VPS more than $200,000.00 in the last six months. Even after their fees we have saved or recovered more than $500k. When you look at the soft costs, and savings that VPS did not bill us for that number is closer to $700,000.00. I still cannot figure out how they are so successful, but it’s nice to finally have a true advocate and advisor.
    Hospitality Client
  • It was with much skepticism that we hired Scott Robins and VPS. I mean, why would any manufacturer or VAR voluntarily refund money without changing the SLA 14 months later? All I can say is more than $600,000.00 spending in 2011 and 2012 has been returned to our 2014 budget. Moreover our costs for new products has ended up being 24% lower on average than what my team was able to negotiate
    Major Retail Client
  • With an average tenure of 14 years in my IT procurement group, we were all quite convinced there was nothing that VPS could teach us or that they could add value. After VPS recovered $83,000.00 on a transaction that we had completed a little more than 10 months ago our team realized that we did not know as much as we thought. Today I can say we simply cannot do what VPS does.
    Pharmaceutical Client
  • VPS has helped us recover more than $900,000 and help reduce the cost of net new product by an equal amount. My team has been just as impressed that our Service Level Agreements for those same items was not impacted.
    Fortune 1000 Retail Client
    SVP / CIO

The Challenge

IT organizations are often being asked to do more with less. The funds for new projects are being spent supporting and maintaining prior technology purchases.
Today there is no objective way for an IT organization to determine if they have paid too much for prior technology purchases.
There is no way to get back that money when, after the fact, they learn they have overpaid.

The Solution

Virtual Procurement Services (VPS) customers are receiving rebate checks and credits in 2012 for monies they have spent on technology in 2009, 2010, 2011, and even earlier this year. VPS uses proprietary technology and processes to evaluate and renegotiate technology maintenance contracts. VPS is earning back this money for our customers without affecting vendor relationships or service level agreements.


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